Author: MaxD


Lightning 2.20

– Pages updates fix – OC 2.3 currency fix – JS/CSS optimization issues fix – DB caching improvements – AJAX requests caching improvements


Lightning 2.19

– better feeds performance – to hide advanced controls, doubleclick at Lightning version number – the ability to add custom cookie policy link – disable JS defer option – better image optimization utilities lookup...


Lightning 2.13 – 2.18

– CRON Job fixes – New multilanguage cookie warning bar – Automated caches updates on timed special or discount prices – clear_caches.php for Lightning cache clear from your scripts 2.14, 2.15, 2.16, 2.17, 2.18:...


Lightning 2.12

– CRON Job for better performance and caches update – forcing “http” links to become “https” when page is SSL – Click on Lightning version to hide advanced controls (for clients) – Fixed installer


JOURNAL2 Recommendations

Notice! Recently Viewed JOURNAL2 Module will not function properly at cached pages. Use it at pages that are not cached or consider using another Recently Viewed Module from another devs. One more notice! JOURNAL2 Popups and...


Upgrade Instructions

OpenCart 2 with FTP configured Upload to Extension Installer. No additional actions required.   OpenCart 2 without FTP configured Disable OpenCart Lightning Press Clear Caches at OpenCart Lightning widget Remove vqmod/xml/lightning.xml file if it exists...


Fix index.php Problem

If you are reading this page, more likely OpenCart Lightning had problems modifying your index.php file.  How to make it manually? 1. Open the root index.php file of your installation 2. Add this line...


Beta-test is Over

Beta-test is over, final version is published. Thank you guys for all your help with making oOpenCart Lightning happen! When OpenCart Lightning is installed, it gives 7 trial days to test how it works...