How it works?

OpenCart Lightning uses whole stack of techniques to optimize and speed-up the store:

1. Critical pages (home, categories and brands) are cached and served from cache.
Cached pages are used even when customers logs in or adds products to the cart

2. One cache page is used to serve different currencies.

3. Server pregenerates next pages cache at background when page is opened.

4. AJAX requests are cached too, helping much different extensions like filters

5. Slow MySQL queries are cached for 24 hours (with the respect to data update).

6. Most OpenCart narrow places are optimized to work fast with large number of products.

7. Several vital database indexes are added and some heavy queries are optimized on-fly.

12 Responses

  1. Octav says:


    Do you use Memcache if is enabled?


  2. Val says:

    Hi Max,
    Where i can buy your app.
    It is free for 7 days and then …
    No link, no paypal address, nothing.

  3. Enva says:

    Hi Max,
    Does it work with Multi-Vendor / DropShipper 2.0 (vQmod) extensions?
    I have Journal and a SimpleCheckout extension with Force SSL.
    Where can I buy?

  4. hi max i m using your plugin trial version for my website
    i hv better response from earlier. but i want to know how to optimize images of my banner it takes time to show.
    plz suggest also i m planning to buy to improve my website speed. wat about nitropack. which one is better

  5. Carlos Santini says:

    hi there, we are interested in purchasing your tool, however, we are implementing open cart on a serverless infrastructure behind a load balance with multilple instances, therefore, having the cache saved locally isn’t an option for us. Does your plugin cover such cases?

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