Install Instructions

OpenCart Lightning will not work at local computer, only at real server with real domain name.

Important! Before using OpenCart Lightning disable or remove all caching and optimization extensions/mods – if you have any. They may cause conflicts and will make total speed slower. OpenCart Lightning speeds up every aspect in more effective way then competitive extensions.

For JOURNAL2 theme please consider JOURNAL2 Recommendations.

OpenCart 3

Upload to Extension Installer. Go to Modifications and press Refresh.


OpenCart 2 with FTP configured

Upload to Extension Installer. Go to Modifications and press Refresh.


OpenCart 2 without FTP configured

  1. Upload files from the upload folder to your shop root
  2. Upload lightning.ocmod.xml to Extension Installer
  3. Go to Modifications and press Refresh


OpenCart 1.5

  1. Make sure that you have vQmod installed
  2. Upload files from the upload folder to your shop root
  3. Go to admin and check OpenCart Lightning widget


If get any troubles, check the Troubleshooting Guide.

8 Responses

  1. hi, I installed trial version

    Getting this error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

  2. Serdar says:

    hi maxd

    I was bought your extension and I was really happy for it. But other extensions cause a problem and I have to build my website from zero.

    now I try to upload and install your extension but somehow my extension installer doesn’t work. So I upload over FTP but xml files should be uploaded on extension installer at least I read like that

    so. question is can I install lightning just using FTP without extension installer (which is not working for me now)
    and how can I re activate my license for it? I will use it on same domain.

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      Try to upload XML file to installer, it should work even if ZIP hasn’t.
      The license will be active, if the domain hasn’t changed.

      • Genevieve says:

        For some reason, I find it hilarious that in all of the prnootiomal pictures and videos for this thing, her face is shiny. Does the woman not own powder? Oh wait, that must be her motherly glow emanating from within~ she just has way more of it than the rest of us, because she is the best mother ever because she eats REAL FOOD.

  3. Diego says:


    Você está planejando lançar a versão 3.x do OC?

  4. Diego says:


    Are you planning to release to version 3.x of the OC?

    Please disregard the previous post

  5. Szél Ádám says:

    after installed the extension my site was down, and I had to disable the extension. The message on the site:
    Notice: Undefined variable: stheme_help in /home/naturallhome/public_html/system/storage/modification/catalog/view/theme/supertheme/template/common/footer.tpl on line 3

    After disabled the extension, the site is working without problems. Do you know what should be the problem?
    Thank you very much

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