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Before reporting: disable Lightning and make sure that issue disappeared.
If the issue remains, it is not related to Lightning, no use to report it.

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  1. saurabh says:

    module notworking properly

  2. Tracy says:

    Lightning server communication error.

  3. Ehab says:

    Dear MaxD ,

    At first I would like to thank you for your greet efforts in the new version of lightening script .

    Now I would like to let you know 2 things I met with this version .

    1 – When I try to checkout , I redirected to the checkout page which shows nothing at all only white page

    2 – when I return back to the main page of the store I found that all items in my basket have been deleted

    I hope you may find a solution very soon .

    Regards ,

    Dr. Ehab Hilmy

  4. Ehab says:

    Hi ,
    I noticed new bug .
    I am using Jurnal2
    t-on mobile phone , some of the main menu items disappear in 2 main categories but the full menu appears at all other pages without any problem .

    What should we do to fix that ?
    Regards ,

    Dr. Ehab

    • Ehab says:

      sorry the top menu not the main menu

      • Ehab says:

        This issue has been resolved after I checked ” Distinct gadgets – mobiles, tablets and PC ” in the settings file .

        still testing and I’ll report any bugs that I may face.

  5. Romas says:

    Hello, im using lightning tool, but i have one problem, when you put something in the cart and go to other pages, sometimes your cart shows as no products, when I reload the page the items are in the cart. Can you help ?

  6. Ehab says:

    New bug ,
    Hi MaxD ,
    I noticed something that I would like to report here , sometimes when I enter the store home page , I notice that the ” wish list ” shows that there are 1012 items ” whish list (1012) ”
    this resume till I clear the cache from the back end.
    I hope you may fix that .

    Dr. Ehab

  7. Hi i have uploaded version for OC 3 but widget is no appear.
    Frontend show Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 5 seconds exceeded in /home/virtra6/public_html/vqmod/vqmod.php on line 116
    I will delete till you fix issue i have tried on live site

  8. Ehab says:

    Hello MaxD ,
    There is something I want to report .
    When I test the page speed on google
    I found it is 96/100 on mobile phones while on Desktop it is 59/100
    May you try to optimize more on Desktop


  9. Ehab says:

    Hi MaxD ,
    I want to report new notice ,
    The new version of the scrip ” ”
    Categories load time is ok but when I select any product I notice there is a delay till the product page is loaded
    This issue was not noticed in the previous version .



  10. Martin says:

    I’m on Opencart and latest Journal 2 theme, configured according to documentation.
    I’m currenty testing your module which already seems to make a huge difference in loading times.

    1) Problem: On product pages the Journal 2 Side Category often does not show up since module is running.
    2) Question: What’s the best Opencart configuration according to Gzip compression in combination with Lightning.

  11. robert says:

    im using journal 2 opencart work brillanly accept when i use this module product reviews pro it doesnt show up on the review section on the product pages but if you turn off lighting it work fine

  12. Ali Aziz says:

    On OC how can I hide the widget from showing from top for everyone else – all my admin staff can see it and some are clearing caches when they make a change – which I dont want them to do – please advise.


  13. Paul Eagles says:

    Hi, I use Google Tag Manager and would like Lightning to skip this so it stays in the Header – as it is not currently firing. Could you please tell me how I can configure Lightning to do this.

  14. C Toumi says:

    Hi Im using cpanel on shared hosting at the moment ,
    I have received the following error
    “PHP is much faster with PHP acceleration. Ask your hoster to enable it.

    The best solution for your server is OPCache acceleration.”

    I have asked the hosting support team to enable the PHP acceleration and they asked me the following quation:

    Thank you for reaching us on the matter and apologize for the late response,

    Could you be more specific on what do you refer by PHP acceleration, because there are a number of PHP a like accelerators:

    Also after and if this extension is enabled it needs to be configured.

    Could advise as well is optipng utility a plugin or extension for OpenCart? If that is the case you can install it from the dashboard of the OpenCart.
    Could you please

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      APC and XCache will go, but Lightning recommends OPCache for your server. Ask you hoster, if OPCache is available.

      With Lightning 3 you don’t need to install image optimization utilities, have you tried it?

  15. Naman Jain says:

    Google test score is still poor

  16. Anonymous says:


    your tool says:
    Congratulations! You have image optimization utilities installed and running.

    However, you can get better performance with image optimization CRON Task. If you have tried to configure it and failed, ignore this notice.

    Create CRON (sheduler) task in your hoster’s control panel to run every 15 minutes.

    this task crashes, however we have:


    what else should we do?

    Also in backend settings should we set a number on gzip compression? Now it is set = 0

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      You can go with utils without CRON job, it is good enough. However, I’m interested to know why and how task crashes, please send any details you have to
      Lightning automatically maintains optimal GZIP compression level, backend setting doesn’t have any effect.

  17. Bjorn Heg says:

    Goodmorning, i am using lightning in opencart and am very happy with the results. However since a few days the module is disabled and i cannot enable it anymore.

    OpenCart Lightning v. 2.30

    Lightning disabled:
    Lightning server communication error

  18. Rafael says:

    How to buy the complete version and the price ?

  19. Anonymous says:


    whats the syntax for

    Do not use JS optimization for this routes <<<- field?

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      It is space-separated list, each entry is checked as substring against route. For example:
      checkout/ common/cart
      Will match all checkout routes (checkout/checkout and so on) and common/cart.

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