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64 Responses

  1. Ponraj says:

    I paid the amount visa purchase license link. But admin page still shows trial version. could you please fix this.

  2. vinay says:

    hi,since insattallation of the extension the view cart quantity modification and update is taking to a blank page.Also when returning back for shopping after viewing the cart ,no product are showing in the cart glimpse and again when a product is added the previously added items show up.i am using this extension alongside opencart and journal 2.5.3.Also when I updated my jopurnal theme to 2.5.4 and made some changes to header the site layout kind of crashed and then I had to restore back the previous version.Please advise on the issue.

  3. stefan says:

    still in trial…
    if i enable your module in get price value zero for some products in the category layout

  4. stefan says:

    if i enable your module in get price value zero for some products in the category layout – this happens when i change the currency … any idea why this happens?

  5. Praveen says:

    I have installed lightning mod and I have also uploaded the magiczip it gave me. I am facing some issues.

    1. When I clear the journal cache and load the site , the site does not even load. Sometimes it loads but the product images dont show up.

    2. When I check the website speed with lightning it gives score 86/100 , but when I check it again it given 72/100 .

    Can you help me with this.
    username/password- cozons/cozons

  6. says:

    thank you for your great support!

  7. Eugene says:

    I paid the amount visa purchase license link. But admin page still shows trial version.

  8. perez says:

    Hey MAX Great extension. I submitted a ticket as i’m having a conflict with one other extension and really want to get Lighting.Can you please have a look?


  9. Michele says:

    i’ve bought this plugin for opencart, can you explain me what means the text 47 Gb free, near the latency?
    This means that after i’ve bought your plugin, i’ve only 50 gb of cache free, than i must buy new license?
    Can you give me more information about this?

  10. D Parekh says:

    I paid the amount purchase license link. But admin page still shows trial version. could you please fix this.

  11. Parikshit says:

    Hi i have paid for the licence fee, please can you check as my website is working too slow

  12. Jay says:

    Hi I paid for license via paypal and still shows trail please fix it

  13. Hi ik have pand for the licence fee and stil not working.

  14. Liridon says:


    I want to paid it 47$ for my company , but i want to know, for a moment i have 55 Gb free and if i paid what happens with it, is unlimited or what, tell me ?

  15. Pantelis says:

    Hello i have paid for the licence but i am still getting the trial indication

  16. Adam says:

    Why there is so many disconnects from your lighting server? We are hosting our website on deicated server and we are getting 2-3 disconnects where it doesn’t try to reconnect? We have to do it manually…

  17. yun joon goo says:

    I have purchased a license.
    However, this will not be cached.

  18. Marius says:

    I just updated to opencart and I get this error:

    2016-05-10 1:14:07 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: currency in /home/decocraft/public_html/system/lightning/alpha.php on line 1

    Please advice

  19. Kayina says:

    Cant find the extension on; is this removed? what happened?

  20. Peter says:

    What does the latency measure? The number seems to vary quite a lot.

  21. Steve Nelson says:

    Hello Max,

    Lightning stops automatically and gives lightning server communication error. please find screenshot here

    help pls

  22. Dear MaxD,

    I have sent details of error using Report an issue form above.
    Please can you help me with the issue. It about Recently Viewed products on Journal2 theme.
    Journal2 Recently viewed products are also being cached.

    Kind Regards,
    Manu Pathania

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      I’m sorry to say there is not solution for JOURNAL Recently Viewed products caching.

      You may disable caching for pages with Recently Viewed products or use Recently Viewed module from another devs.

  23. Baris says:

    google search console, began to form scanning errors, How can we solve the problem

  24. Dear MaxD,

    After I upgraded to version 2.0.3 I am not able to update the order history. I am getting error – You do not have permission to access API!
    Please can you help.

    • Hi All,

      I have tested there is definitely a problem with verson 2.0.3 of this module on OC ver
      The order history update will throw API permission error and will not allow to update any order.
      I had to remove lightning module to get the order history working.

      Dear MaxD,

      Please help resolve this issue asap. I will see if I have older version of lightning.

      Kind Regards,

  25. Shah says:

    I have sent you like many emails about the problem your extension cause on the cart page. Its completely non-professional to ignore my emails as you understand the problem and acknowledge. At the start really love your support but seems its creepy now. Please check my emails from and reply ASAP.

  26. Adrian says:

    Hi, I just moved my trial domain to the licensed one and it says Real Domain Required, even it is on my web server not on localhost. I alsp mailed you. Please help me asap.

  27. Adam says:

    Please help, I sent an email I am getting a conncection error

  28. D.Benev says:

    Hi MaxD, please respond to my email.

    I would like to purchase the module.


  29. Some javascript code requests are preceded by tags (eg AdWords Remaking). How can I do that?

    • I mean before body close tags. I typed but it don’t show

    • MaxD MaxD says:

      Add some remarkable word from that javascript (i.e. “adword”) to Lightning Troubleshooting -> Resources to skip on JS/CSS optimization.

      • I can not found Resources to skip on Troubleshooting Section. But I changed AdWords Remaking to Google Tagmanager (with Analytics and Remaketing tags inside) and now it work fine.

        Thank you.

    • Terry says:

      Aaaah , muito obrigado por me fazer refletir sobre o meu comentário , mas vc tbm pegou pesado , vc meteu a boca em GG cara e fico muito puto quando falam mal de GG.E tbm não sei pq estamos discutindo , aliás sei sim , é a diferença de idade que ajuda um pouco a ter essas diferenças de gosto. Mas msm assim eu adoro Barrados no Baile tbm , tenho todos os Box e tal;28#17&z. Mas prefiro GG , kkk’

  30. Kim says:

    Hi i am suddenly starting to have some problems with extensions. Checkout default and 3 party not working, ad to cart not working and some more when optimize js/css resources is activated. Earlier no problems it started after i disabled memcache and now using hard drive. i have tried to put the names in resources to skip in troubleshooting section, have cleared cache but only working when i disable js/css optimizing. If i use another pagespeed extension every thing is ok, only problems with Lightning. I have been using Lightning for a long time now and it is the best extension there is so i hope there is a solution. Maybe i do it wrong in resources to skip.

  31. Ranjith says:

    Hi please let me know if I can purchase Lightning Service.

  32. Kamal says:

    Pre generating stopped at 1%. I think caching not working.

  33. sportenskl says:

    I wait your answer about the problem with the extenson already 6 days. I wrote to you 2 times.

  34. Michele says:

    Hi, i’ve bought your plugin, but sometime i can’t access to settings, and a message appear on browser “can’t instantiate function…”, then after some hours the message disappear and i can enter in plugin settings.
    Another issue is that the admin panel show every the cached page and if i disable a product, it show ever the product as enabled, until i clear the cache. I tried to disable the cache for admin panel too, through plugin settings, but the site show ever the cached page for admin too.
    PS: my site is If you can contact me by pm, i can give you the admin password, so you can check for my site if the plugin is configured or installed correctly

  35. Alex says:

    Hi, i have some problem with a widget in admin panel:
    How can i fix it?

  36. Alex says:

    Thank you for the fast reply and solution!

  37. m.harbe says:

    i need to purchase it , but i found an issue with product price at category page, i send e-mail with this
    can we fix it to continue purchase

  38. Hello.
    The module has stopped automatically loading the pages, when I clear cache. Update 1%, 2%, 10%, 45% etc.

    Please Help..

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