Lightning donated $5898 to support Ukrainian Army (report)

How to uninstall?

First steps

  1. At admin area Disable Lightning and Clear Caches (if this is possible)
  2. Remove OpenCart Lightning Modification and Refresh Modifications or - for OpenCart 1.5: delete vqmod/xml/lightning.xml file
  3. Delete catalog/controller/extension/lightning folder

That is enough to uninstall Lightning. If you want to make totally everything back, you can take

Additional steps

  1. Delete system/storage/cache/lightning folder
  2. Delete admin/view/.htaccess, catalog/view/.htaccess and image/.htaccess files
  3. Delete oc_lightning_modified and oc_lightning_product_to_page database tables, if they exist.
  4. Delete this line from the root index.php:

if (file_exists($li = DIR_APPLICATION.'/controller/extension/lightning/gamma.php')) require_once($li); //Lightning

Created 2018-10-14, last edited 2019-03-21